Investor Profile

FaceOn capital is largely controlled by the founders of the company. In first round of financing, an investment fund entered the capital. They are specialized in technology and they are formed ​​by a team coming from large technology spanish consultancy companies.

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FaceOn is a new division of Argus Global Solutions S.L., a company with 8 years of activity that integrates security solutions and has experience in the field of technological innovation having developed a hybrid security solution video/EAS, patented worldwide.

Public Funds

The CDTI in collaboration with ERDF funds have approved a grant in its 2013 R&D program for the 2D/3D Facial Verification project.

Funds Investors

FaceOn conducted a first round of financing with an investment fund specialized and operative. Within a framework of strategic cooperation between, the two companies will continue developing innovative vision in the field of biometric technology in Spain.

Rounds of Financing

FaceOn currently has on its horizon a new phase of financing. Once the milestones listed in the first phase of funding are achieved and after consolidating CDTI project implementation, we will present a new business plan that incorporates new challenges where a new round of funding will be convenient.