FaceOn is a company specialized in biometric solutions.

FaceOn by Argos Global

FaceOn is a trademark of Argos Global, specialized in development and integration of security solutions.

FaceOn represents not only our technology, it captures our way of doing things, our passion for what we do and how we create value for our customers and partners.

It's the way of engaging in projects and the determination to carry them out. FaceOn builds on our corporate values​​, business ethics and an effective and efficient work.

It is what differentiates us in the market, which is and has been present throughout our history.

Argos Global

Argos Global is a technology-based innovation and strong character company that was created in 2005 with the aim to offer security solutions, improve control and optimize the benefits of our customers and partners.

The history of our company is marked by managing focused on customer, with the goal of offering real value to their business model by integrating security and control cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Innovative Vision

Our business philosophy leads us to develop innovative security tools to improve the quality of life of our clients through robust and flexible solutions with a high degree of usability. Those tools are present in everyday processes thanks to an automatic integration of the individuals with the technology and the environment that surrounds them.