SmartFox Face Segmentation

Allows to classify users based on their facial features with a sequence of video or photos.

SmartFox: Facial Segmentation

Video Demonstration

Integrating SmartFox

It is a unique platform that using a webcam of a computer, tablet or smartphone, classifies customers and visitors by gender, age and ethnicity. It also analyses the number of times a visitor looks at a particular place on the web.

This information provides the ability to guide the web/app content or make a proposal to the visitor in real time, customizing the range and increasing the visitor/user conversion ratio. It also generates visitors profile statistics, which makes our clients get their own market research in real time.

Face segmentation definition

Face segmentation is a powerful marketing tool that classifies faces online (web visitor profile) using a webcam or a device's camera.

The following aspects can be distinguished by using collaborative algorithms:

  • Three characteristics: gender, age and ethnicity.
  • Two behaviours: mood and visual screen area impacts.


Classify visitors in order to set the target customer who visits a particular web portal, app or center and therefore to guide the web content in real time to visitors while analysing consumer trends at Point Of Sale through graphs and histograms.


It applies to all web portals or apps whose business model is online sales (also in physical centers) through sorting, counting and analysing visitors.

Example of face segmentation with SmartFox


Our clients will know what kind of people visit their websites or applications and take a better strategy to make those visitors become users/clients. That will give our clients a clear competitive advantage over their competitors.

They will have information at the Point Of Sale in real time, they will have weekly, monthly and yearly trend analysis, allowing them to redirect the strategy always on time and in the right direction.

Ultimately, this will reduce the uncertainty in all the necessary measures to increase sales every year.

Pay per use, this allows an immediate ROI and a low, flexible and high-value investment.


What can provide this solution in the future?

Analysing customers gender, age and ethnicity through the face as a marketing tool is just the beginning of an endless facial analysis: mood, impact of an advertising campaign or pop up, hair, beard, glasses, eye color, etc. In a short time we will have all the information needed to customize the offer to a specific customer.

How far can it go?

It depends on the advances of biometrics and the evolution of marketing needs. Both are forecasted to grow in the next years so the application of biometrics to marketing will depend on the evolution of communication/transaction tools as well.


How can SmartFox be integrated with other non-biometric solutions to make them more useful and efficient?

SmartFox is a great complement of Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) tools, which study the behaviour of web visitors. It is a good information complement of traditional market studies. Another good example is its integration with the traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

SmartFox integrated in a CRM

How is it integrated?

Through a secure application located on the server of our client, who has private access to it, allowing them to make the most optimal service.

What are the advantages of integration?

SmartFox is a good complement for CRM, since they are good classifiers of management information but most of times lack the necessary feedback to go a step forward in decisions making with certain guaranties.

SmartFox integrated in a VRM

How is it integrated?

Through a secure application located on the server of our client or their VRM supplier, allowing them to make the most optimal service.

What are the advantages of integration?

Combining SmatFox with a VRM system enables our customers to get the most information about a potential client, a recurring feedback that allow you to customize the offer and adapt to the constantly changing consumer trends.

SmartFox integrated with other systems

SmartFox can work as a standalone snap into larger systems of Business Intelligence and Big Data.

The core application receives and processes information to send back a response with characteristics and parameters of each user. The specific use of that information can be done in many different applications and systems.

Any application that is able to give the necessary information to SmartFox segment and then to process the responses received, can successfully get integrated with SmartFox.