Digital Use

FaceOn can be integrated into almost any digital environment.

FaceOn Biometrics for digital use

FaceOn solutions for digital uses

Digital Uses of Biometrics

FaceOn solutions can be applied in any application or system able to capture images and security requirements or analysis requirements of features and characteristics of the user.

It can be integrated into systems and applications that send response parameters to integrate business logic, either facilitating a permit or privilege or storing data for subsequent data mining.

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Web applications

By participating in access once the user is identified. With SmartFox, further segmented physical or behavioural parameters may be extracted.

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Mobile apps

To increase access security and to block features. In addition, SmartFox allows identification of users physical and behavioural parameters.

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Means of payment

Integrated in payment gateways as additional safety element.

FaceOn Biometric Solutions for Digital Uses


VerifyByFace solution can be integrated in applications that need to improve security and speed of access. Is is also possible its integration in applications that need to reduce fraud and improve the accuracy of the user's identity.


With SmartFox it is possible to classify users or detected physical behavioral variables such as attention and mood parameters.