VerifyByFace Face Verification

Gives the user permissions checking their facial features.

VerifyByFace: Face Verification

2D facial verification application for logical and physical access.

Our face verification system is compatible with almost every device in the market: IP cameras, webcams, front cameras of smartphones and tablets, etc. Its operation is simple and intuitive, the tool becomes totally useful to confirm the identity of the key holder and/or the holder of a particular firm or access card that aims to access a private area network or physical access.

The tool can be set to verification mode 1:1 (need ID or card) or in recognition mode 1:N (automatic identification).

VerifyByFace is a multi-device face verification system, which aims to prevent phishing in the everyday processes of computer access. Chains of collaborative algorithms make the system a safe and efficient tool against the problem of fraud in the network.


The main function is to verify the face of the authorized person to avoid being an imposter with the card and/or appropriate key. This third factor increases security exponentially.

Safety Tri-factor

Cards -> What I have
Pin/Key -> What I know
Face Verification -> What I am

Using the system:

  • Enrolment: capture of face and ID of the user (only once).
  • Verification: authentication of a face through the comparison with the same face at the time of enrolment (normal use)


  • Access to Smartphones, Tablets and PCs.
  • Key manager, assigning the face to all the keys in local or internet accesses, allowing keys and devices not being in the same place, since there is no need to remember passwords constantly.
  • ATMs, identity verification and presence.
  • Web access, social networks and programs with restricted access.
  • Electronic signature, payment gateways, home banking.
  • Access to critical physical structures.
  • Customs and airports, fast digital passport verification.
  • Lock of a workstation.
  • Authentication of beneficiaries of insurance or public benefits.


  • Logical and physical processes are streamlined.
  • Simplicity of use.
  • Multiplatform safe access system.
  • Complementary with already implemented security systems.
  • Non-intrusive, non-invasive, safe, versatile, practical.
  • Easy to deploy as there is no need of new hardware.
  • Integrable with other biometric disciplines.


Infiniti research report "Global Facial Recognition Market 2014-2018", published in May 2014, forecasted the field of facial biometrics will have an annual growth of 26.6% through 2018 and 61% of this growth will be in operation related to public administration and the financial world. A clear example is the HSBC group has been the first to introduce this technology in their security access.

This yields a sustained growth and an estimated turnover in 2018 of 6.5 billion dollars, over a third of the overall figure invested in biometrics markets.

Regarding features extraction techniques, this has just begun. Improved cameras and lenses used in the devices will allow quicker and more accurate techniques that will lead to the usage of no additional security methods.


How can we combine this solution with other non-biometric solutions to make them more useful and efficient?

Facial biometrics is a clear complement for keys and cards, as both are reliable when we make sure they are being used by the owner of that key and/or card.

This tri-factor provides the ability to configure more secure and robust physical and virtual accesses.


Preventing fraud

The purpose is the prevention of fraud and identity theft in all day-to-day processes, growing problem in our society. Today it is a global figure of more than 100,000 million in detected cases, but that figure so is just a percentage of the actual figure.


Hiring the service is quick and simple. The system will be integrated with the client's system and located in their servers or locally on each device, depending on the application.